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New York & Northeast Fitness Programs

One-on-One Personal Training:

This Program we will start with a one on one goal setting session. We will have to determine clear goals, dates, and expectations that we both agree are realistic and achievable. Next, I will create a custom made program soley design for you. And finally we will work on this program together, using me as your guide, fitness mentor and coach.


HD Video Phone Home Personal Training:

We all know that DVD workouts can be a good way to get into shape. However, you have to have a good sense of body cuing, coordination and picking the right DVD program based on your level of fitness… Not to mention the motivation to follow a routine where you will not quit.

What I have decided to do was use the cutting edge of technology and the home DVD base format to hit this market.

At Roddrix we use one of the best Video Phone Platforms in the world The ACN (American Communications Network) Video Phone! Please go to www.newvisiontoday.com select your state and click digital phone to learn more. The device is cost less than $200 and with this device I can train you no matter where you live whether

Wedding Ceremony Program:

The Wedding Ceremony Program is a very special custom made program to get the bride physically, and mentally ready for the biggest day of her life- her wedding! We offer three very well designed programs to get you looking fabulous on your wedding day. We offer an 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 24 weeks program. The exercises are very specific, coordinated, and time bound. You have to commit to several visits a week with this program in advance prior to training. There is a bonus gift with this package program as well!


The Baby Ready Program:

This program focuses on all three stages of trimester and the life cycle. Here we prepare the client to be able to have a healthy, stable pregnancy while working up a good sweat and keep the female looking and (most importantly) feeling her best in all her stages of pregnancy, and afterwards. I am also owner to a CPR and FirstAid certification company called PrivateCPR (please visit www.PrivateCPR.com) where I teach new parents, and nannies the importance of infant CPR and FirstAid and how to respond in an emergency. PrivateCPR accredited by the American Heart Association and the American Medical Association. At the completion of the program you will receive a certification card that’s valid for two years from the date of certification.